What we do

We design and develop products for clients and we're specialized in mass customization products for digital driven production techniques.

Product Design

We develop products with a raison d'être. The product needs a valid reason to exist, to answer a need or solve a problem in today's society.

Mass Customization

Our specialization is that the products we make fits perfectly. In order to perform better or have a higher degree of comfort. Most of them are based on 3d scans, and therefore unique.

Proof of Concepts

In order to do big things, we take small steps. Occasionally these small steps are Proof of Concepts, that can be used to verify the working principles and create food for thought.

Agile approach

Creating mass customized products require a different approach than traditional product design. In small iterations we increase the product complexity while validating the added value.

3d printing

Our clients use different 3d printing techniques, from FDM to SLA and SLS. With each having their own design rules. We master most of them and have in-house prototyping facilities for your project.

3d scanning

With in-house high-end hardware for 3d scanning we can make proof-of-concepts for the perfect fit. This makes it ideal to test drive your service design and can be done on location as well.

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